Linen Laundry is a recognized support service which not only ensures prevention and containment of hospital infection but also contributes to widen the image of the hospital in the eyes of public. Clean bedding and clean clothes installs psychological confidence in the patients and the public and enhances their faith in the services rendered by the hospital. This is an important component in the recovery and management of the patients. A reliable laundry and an excellent Linen Laundry service ensure patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction and microbial count of laundered linen (This is a quality dimension measure).

Linen Laundry service is of utmost importance to hospitals. In today’s medical care facilities, patients expect linen to be changed daily, Chestnaz provide an adequate supply of clean linen in sufficient quantity for the comfort and safety of the patient as well as the doctors and theaters as well. When accomplishing excellent wash in the hospitals the quality of the chemicals, materials and machinery plays a vital role in achieving these desired results.

In our research with respect to microbial count, our study found 40% of blankets studied were culture positive, which include 20% pseudomonas and aerobic spores each. Forty percent of trolleys were found positive for Pseudomonas. 34% of blanket covers were culture positive. 16.7% grew Pseudomonas and the other 16.7% aerobic spores. 20% of surgeon gown showed positive culture for aerobic spores. 20% of patient suits showed positive culture for Klebsiella. 20% of pillow covers were positive for aerobic spores.

We make sure such microbial contaminations far from our washed linen, for one Kilogram of linen wash we use as much as 12 grams of detergent or Antiseptic Liquid Soap, 20 grams of Soda ash, 20 liters of filtered water, 5 grams bleaching powder, 5 grams of Solavtex or Lundros (fabric whitener) and half gram of Fabric Conditioner. We possess state of the art machines with cutting edge technology that gives us competitive advantage.

This aspect goes along side with availability of services like constant water, power supply, and accommodation for Liner Laundry operations within the hospital premises to enable proximity and provides easy access to user area.

Once Chestnaz is engaged by the hospital, we provide value added services, improving the hospitals linens and theater gowns as well. Some of the services we provide includes collection of soiled linens from hospital wards, sorting of soiled linens, spotting of soiled linens, washing of soiled linens, Hydro-extracting soiled linens (reducing the microbial count of laundered linen), spinning and drying, we also have in house tailors who are professions and their sole job is to amend torn hospital linens. Our services are quick and efficient; we ensure that hospital wards receive fresh linens every 8 hours daily, Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a week.

Our laundry chemicals constitute an important aspect for excellent service delivery, our high quality chemicals along side with our professionalism, machinery and technology; we achieve the best linen laundry experience ever.

Chestnaz uses various superior laundry chemicals that give hospital linens the cleanest wash which assist in accelerating patience recovery. Our superior chemicals include Antiseptic Liquid Soap, Linen detergents, Whitening Agents, Fabric conditioners, Blood Removers, Rust Removers, Lundros, Solvatex, Soda Ash, Common Salt, Bleaching Agents, disinfectants, Spotting Agents, Stain Removing Agents etc.

With technology as an advantage, our cutting edge 21st machines includes, Hydro-Extractor Machines, Dryers and Cylinder Tumblers, Flat Bed Steam Pressers, Steam Pressure Irons, Flat Work Ironers, Power Washing Machines, Spotting Tables, Backup Electric Generators, Mobile Water Tubs, Mobile Carts, Ironing Tables, Sewing Machines.

Our Growing Clients

  • Federal Medical Center Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
  • Federal Teaching Hospital (FETHA 1) Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
  • Ophara Nursing Home Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
  • Federal Teaching Hospital (FETHA 2) Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
  • Benue State University Teaching Hospital Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria
  • University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria
  • Manna Mission Hospital, Accra, Ghana
  • Nyaho Medical Centre, Accra, Ghana
  • CMC Source de vie Lome, Togo
  • Clinique Barruet Lome, Togo

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